Marketing HALAL Goods

Is not only about the product

The potential of halal market is undisputable with 1.8 billion muslim worldwide and USD 2.3 trillion global market size. Malaysia has been well ahead in positioning ourselves as the regional halal hub whilst Jakim Malaysia is set to establish itself as the global standard for halal certification – “the green mark” for halal just like the “green label” for environmental products.

There were a lot of exhibitors in the recent MIHAS 2012. We have noticed that most of the exhibitors were ONLY focusing on marketing the product features. Despite Halal is referring to what is allowed under the Syariah requirements, the concept is very much practising the Tayeeb values which include purity, integrity, responsible for society and wholesomeness.

Consumer looking for halal products expects the producers or exporters to practices the above values right from the Farm to Fork – it is the values that need to be promoted to earn trust and credibility. Thus, it is highly recommended to promote halal products beyond product benefits.
Exporter is encouraged to adopt the Benefit Laddering concept to fulfil the functional and emotional buying behaviour of consumer which directly affects consumer buying decision. We use one of the newly launched brand “MyChef – Ready To Serve Meal” Halal Product to illustrate the model.

“Please refer to attached Table”

There are increasing homogeneous HALAL products in the market. Consumers are beginning to find it difficult to make their choice unless you help them. Product Quality is easy to match but not emotional engagement. It is this emotional attributes which differentiate your offerings from others. Remember, communicate how your product and company practice the principle of Halal from farm to fork and you shall be on the right track.

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