Making It On His Own Brings Great Reward

Yap Keng Teck finds satisfaction in watching his business grow

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The Star StarBiz Making it on his own brings great reward

Yap Keng Teck’s story is all too familiar. He was searching for his calling in life and when opportunity beckoned, he acted swiftly and founded his own business.
Yap, who founded Bizsphere Brand & Marketing services 2005 has not planned on becoming and entrepreneur.
He had always been the typical high – flyer who was advancing up the corporate ladder.
At 35, Yap is now the principal consultant for Bizsphere, an integrated brand management company.
He obtains satisfaction from watching his own business grow.
“Work satisfaction comes from seeing the business grow as well as self-improvement,” said Yap, explaining why he quit his job.
Prior to setting up his own business, he was the strategic marketing division head for SKALL. He also has a deep understanding, of the financial services industry, having worked with Hong Leong Bank in the strategic marketing and product development department.
Yap, who has been practicing brand and marketing for more than 10 years, was frustrated when his ideas were banned while he was still working with the companies.
“I have a lot of ideas but they got shot down by my bosses, I understand the difficulty bosses face but I also do not blame people for not trying to propose ideas.
“I decided to leave the corporate world. I just wanted to expand on my ideas and make them successful.” He told StarBiz.
And just like every other entrepreneur, Yap needed tangible resources to start his business.
He said he started with a low budget, taking things one step at a time. He added that his previous work experience in the bank and SALL helped him a lot.
He stressed that young people should not compromise on work experience and should work for a company with the same business interest to gain valuable knowledge before venturing out on their own.
“Starting a business is easy running a successful business can be

an uphill task. Managing a business is not easy as what people think. It has been full of challenges and stumbling blocks.” Yap said.

“Apart from being my own boss, I am fully responsible for my own performance and work productivity. I have to oversee the business and my employees as well.”

Fortunately, he already knew what he was getting himself into when he quit his job to start a business.

“It was rather difficult to get clients when we first started as no one knew what BizSphere was, We did not even have a client profile to share with other potential clients. Basically, no one knew us when we started.

“The breakthrough for Bizsphere came when our first client Mayflower Acme Tours trusted us enough to give us a contract.” Yap said.

Bizsphere’s clientele has expanded since as many customer were recommended by earlier customers and friends.

“Over the past two years, we have helped a lot of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in their branding needs. We have also helped a lot of SMEs to apply for a grant from the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation.” Yap said.

“Going forward, will introduce more new services. We are currently developing a website as we now have success stories to tell. We have client’s testimonies to share with future clients.

“We expect to double our revenue this year. It is nor in the millions terrorist but it is definitely growing. Our revenue is six figures now.” He added.

The journey over the past two years for this entrepreneur has been axciting and challenging. The pressure gets to him sometime but he has since learnt to calm himself down and think of better strategies for the company.

Humble and frank, Yap said learning was a life-long process, not only in school, college or university but “everywhere and everyday”.

“I like to think of solutions to make things better.” He said adding that being motivated was something that kept going.

Yap believes in a balance lifestyle having equal doses of work and play. He tries not to being work home and spends the weekend with his wife, one year old daughter and parents.

He watches cartoons and learns to sing children songs with his daughter when he is at home.

“I like travelling as well. My wife and I went backpacking in Europe. It was fun and we got to experience and explore things on our own.” Yap said. His brainchild is slowly gaining recognition in the business world and is definitely the pride and joy of the young entrepreneur.

“It is good to know that we are growing. But we still have a long way to go,” Yap said.


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